Investor Interviews

Interviews with smart investors talking about their best investment ideas.

#58 - Narrative Shifts with Adam Rackley

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#51 - Long Term Owner of Public Businesses with Avi Fisher from Long Cast Advisors

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#49 - Hidden Gems Down Under with Peter Johns of Westferry Investment Group

#48 - 4 High Quality Aussie Microcaps with Mark Tobin of Coffee Microcaps

#47 - Temporary Value Dislocations with Tim Delaney of Immersion Investments

#46 - Microcap Multi-baggers with Robert Mulcahy

#45 - A Generational Investment Opportunity with Aaron Edelheit from Mindset Cannabis Value Fund

#44 - The Craft Brewers of Stock Market Investing with David Collins of Howay Investments

#43 - Business Perspective Investing with Eric Burns from Free Spirit and UK Buffettology Fund

#42 - Quality Companies for the Long Run with David Ridland from Castlebay Investment Partners

#41 - High ROCE and Widening Moats with Partnership Investing Newsletter

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#38 - Exchanges and Cream Cakes with Jeremy McKeown from Dowgate Wealth