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Capital Employed is all about idea generation for active investors.

We do this in three ways…

1) Investor Interviews

Written interviews with fund managers and renowned private investors.

Topics include research process, idea generation, industries, and business characteristics they like.

We also discuss companies they’re bullish on, and what their thesis was for investing.

Most of the investors we interview fly under-the radar. However, they have great track records and are willing to share their knowledge, strategies, and best ideas.

The stocks discussed are mainly obscure under-followed companies. Just how we like it.

You can expect 20+ interviews per year to land in your inbox.

Here’s a free sample of a recently published interview.

2) Stock Pitches

A bi-weekly newsletter called Stock Pitches which features a curation of the best stock write-ups we’ve enjoyed reading.

3) Quarterly Letters

A quarterly newsletter featuring a curation of fund manager letters.

This will help you keep track of what professional investors are doing/thinking all in one easy to access place.

If you’re a fund manager and want your letter included please let us know.

Paid subscribers will receive…

  • 20+ Fund Manager Interviews per year

  • 24 Stock Pitches newsletter per year (roughly 360+ ideas)

  • 4 Quarterly Fund Manager Letters curation newsletter per year

How much?

All this for just $199 per year or $20 per month.

Thanks for your support

We have subscribers from around the world who enjoy consuming the content. 

This includes fund managers, analysts, family offices, and other institutions. We have many individual investors and students who enjoy the content too.

If you’ve not done so already we hope you consider becoming a paid subscriber to get all the full benefits (and a shedload of stock ideas too).

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Fund manager interviews and stock pitches


Fund manager interviews and stock pitches.
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