Sep 15, 2021 • 28M

Exchanges and Cream Cakes

Examining two quality growth stocks on AIM with Jeremy McKeown

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Jon Kingston
We talk to renowned equity investors about their favorite stocks.
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Capital Employed Podcast #38

Exchanges and Cream Cakes

Examining two quality growth stocks on AIM

For this episode we were joined by Jeremy McKeown from Dowgate Wealth.

Dowgate Wealth, based in London, create bespoke portfolios for their clients.

They select investments based on their fundamental qualities and their ability to generate above-market returns regardless of economic cycles.

Jeremy joined Dowgate Wealth in November 2020. He has worked in the City for over 4 decades in both fund management and stockbroking.

He also writes an excellent blog called Hyper Normal Times, which we recommend listeners subscribe to.

In this episode Jeremy discusses what type of companies he likes to invest in.

He also provides a superb breakdown of two quality AIM listed small caps that he thinks have much more growth to come.

Stocks featured…

  • Aquis Exchange AQX

  • Cake Box Holdings CBOX

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Hosted by Jon Kingston

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