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High ROCE and Widening Moats

High ROCE and Widening Moats

An interview with Partnership Investing, and two stock ideas.

Capital Employed Podcast #41

High ROCE and Widening Moats

An interview with the masterminds behind the Partnership Investing Newsletter.

For this episode we had the pleasure of being joined by the guys behind the excellent Partnership Investing Newsletter.

In this episode they talks us through the characteristics they seek in a business, and where they're finding opportunities in todays market environment.

They also provide their thesis for investing in two small caps they think have lots of growth potential. One listed in the US, and the other in the UK.

Timestamps -

0.00 - Episode Introduction.

1.30 - An overview of their backgrounds.

3.10 - Why they started the newsletter and the objective.

4.20 - What type of businesses they like to invest in.

6.30 - How, and where, they’re finding ideas.

8.30 - Thesis for investing in Naked Wines.

12.00 - Thesis for investing in Intellicheck Inc.

17.10 - Where to find them online.

Stocks featured

Naked Wines (WINE)

Intellicheck Inc (IDN)

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Hosted by Jon Kingston


This podcast is for informational and educational purposes only, and should not be seen as investment advice. Please do your own research before thinking of investing in any company mentioned.

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