Below is a selection of investment tools, apps, and platforms we use at Capital Employed HQ. Each has a special discount for our readers to use.

Sharesight - Get 33% discount on an annual plan

Great platform for managing your portfolio including performance tracking, dividend reports, and much more. Perfect for both private investors and fund managers. Much easier than faffing around on excel.

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Koyfin - 15% discount on all plans

Instantly get detailed analysis on any public company including key metrics, news, transcripts, charts and much more. The screener for finding new ideas is great too.

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PDF Giveaways to Premium Subscribers

Family Influenced Public Companies 🔒

Multiple studies have show family influenced companies perform well over the long term.

After much searching we have compiled a list of 111 family influenced public companies who are less well known to the general investing public.

Forget LVMH and Heineken, think small cap yogurt manufacturer from Greece or an Australian auto-parts distributor.

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